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I will know this secret you possess
Even if I must dissect your soul itself to discover it
So decrees the King of Worms.

Saw the last Atop the Fourth Wall and loved it, like pretty much every episode until now, as much as I love the King of Worm’s design.
Don’t mind the picture, it didn’t come out the way I wanted to, but I guess I won’t do anything better with it. I slightly modified the King’s appearance, because… Because.

Thank you so much for the absence of background thank youuuu

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You’ve earned it, Margaret.

Original comic by Jim Benton


I see this every year and it scares me and makes me sad all at the same time


I’m VIOLENTLY competitive when it comes to other medics…


http://longboxofthedamnedheadcanons.tumblr.com/post/100251893972/undead-nuttersincorporated →




Being a ghoul, Moarte has to feed on flesh in order to survive. However, he prefers to not feed on humanity because due his duty of guarding the Longbox, he’s grown fond of his children over the years. It’s not going to stop him…

Ok, but are we talking about Tokyo Ghoul type ghouls?! ‘cause Moarte with those eyes is just hella freaky.

*is the original submitter of the headcanon and had come back to check on the post*

I hadn’t been thinking about the show when I submitted that one, but man, he would be freaky with those eyes! Now I’m wondering what his kagume would be were he in that universe.

Hey Linkara, did you hear about Junji Ito doing a colab with the pokemon company. It's about the Ghost types. You were the guy that introduced me to Uzumaki so I thought you'd like to know.


This is going to be terrifying and scar so many children. D=

Please let there be something with Cofagrigus in it.


My Death Knight Callixtus adoring his dead horse.

"I love you, my machine of death and terror.."



unlikely things to read in the bible

There will never be a time where I wont reblog this

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